English summary

The „Bildungswerk der Humanistischen Union“ is a centre for civic adult education; most our seminars is taking place in North-Rhine-Westphalia, some of the conferences and further activities are organised in other parts of Germany or abroad.

We are offering seminars, conferences, local workshops and tours concerning most of the present social and political questions. Our central issues are: civil rights, democracy and participation, the lessons of history, migrants policies and minority rights, educational reform, economic developments and working conditions, convergences and conflicts in Europe.

The Bildungswerk has grown from the educational activities of the „Humanistische Union“, one of the earliest civil rights organisations in the Federal Republic, founded in 1961. The aims of the „Humanistische Union“ are those of the Bildungswerk as well: reduction and control of political power, democratic and minority rights, humanizing all public control systems like prisons, psychiatric clinics etc, pluralism of media and educational reform.

The „Bildungswerk der Humanistischen Union“ is an independent organisation, funded by public grants on state and federal level, foundations, donations and the fees the participants in our programs are contributing.

Our website is offering short descriptions of some of our current seminars, the principles of our activities , the present staff, a list of publications and research projects, short information on political adult education and educational leave in Germany (including some links) and an archive site with reports, lectures, media and commentaries.


You would like to contact us?

Please send a mail to buero@hu-bildungswerk.de if interested in seminars and conferences, to arbeitsstelle@hu-bildungswerk.de for questions of research, information service or professional exchange.